Cultivating ideas

The different ideas for this event branding redo were developed through extensive research and mindmapping. The ideation process was incredibly enjoyable to build on, with the fall/summer theme and bohemian inspirations it was right down my alley.

Colourway's new brand moodboard
Idea map sketch

The process

Starting with idea building, mindmapping & moodboard, then moving onto sketching, the process that was taken for designing this event brand was clear... fix errors with the previous branding, add an innovative element and website, and make the overall look and feel better reflect the festival's vibe.

Once sketches for the theme, logo, AR animation, and website were produced, they were reviewed by the client. Then revised based on feedback from the last review. Once they were digitally rendered in Adobe Illustrator, the first round of revisions were made, followed by another revision after the final option was decided upon.

After all revisions were made and the final designs were decided on, the theme was then used for all ads, website, and mockups to be finally reviewed. This was also the process used for the festival logo itself, as is needed issues resolved for better rendering and usability.

Website wireframe sketch
Logo ideas sketch
Poster ideas sketchAdvertising layout sketches
Interactivity example sketch
Figma interface for colourway's website prototype

Final thoughts

The final theme was a perfect design for Colourway’s Folk Festival! Changing and adding onto the already existing design makes this new look exactly what will bring in more festival goers.

The colours used are earthy tones to attract the target audience’s down-to-earth vibe. Since their festival is in September, embracing the spirit of fall, summer, and the warm colours that come with it were very important.

The fonts are unique, fun, and styled to reflect the care-free emotions and lifestyles of their target audience.

The innovative twist using AR technology for animating the logo and the new website allow this new brand to reach many more people and will add to their already large audience.  

Scan the coloured logo below with the Artivive app to see the animation!

Final logo on paper mockupDifferent logo colour options
Advertising display mockupAdvertisements on white backgroud


Final website prototypeMultiple viewports website mockup


Poster in case mockup
Poster in case mockup close up 1Poster in case mockup close up 2

Promotional items

Feather banner mockupPin design mockupsT-shirt design mockup 1T-shirt design mockup 2Ball cap mockup 1Ball cap mockup 2