Cultivating ideas

The process of cultivating ideas started with research into the target audience and the needs of the customers, as well as the needs of the retail store selling the product. This was done by physically going into stores, examining the product on display, and deep diving into demographic studies on the company. The ideas were then incorporated into sketches which will be showcased in the next section.

Close up image of strawberries in plastic containers
Research papers mockup

The process

The process… as stated before, research begins the process which leads into sketching. These sketches show the thinking process when evaluating the different options for an eco-friendly berry container. Practicality in stacking and displaying the product for advertising were very important when bringing together ideas.

Other key factors when receiving feedback on design ideas were the importance of ventilation for the fruit to protect the freshness of the berries. These things were all taken into consideration and executed for the final design.

The dieline was produced in Adobe Illustrator using a simple box and sleeve design that is practical and useful in all displays.

Finally, using 3D modelling with Esko Studio, the final product was made into images to show what the final package will look like.

Sketch of design ideas 1Sketch of design ideas 2Test prints of berry container die-cutsImage of die-line dimensions before print

Final thoughts

The overall design for this product was produced to relay the holistic look and feel that Driscoll’s portrays. The artwork on the containers, made in Adobe Illustrator, is simple with the unique flowers of each individual fruit featured along the outside of the box. This brings together all elements of the fruit itself from the beautiful flower it starts out as to the delicious fruit it becomes.

The base of the packaging keeps the cardboard brown to follow the natural, farm-fresh look, and allow the bright colours of the fruit/artwork to stand out.

This was a concept inspired by the deep involvement and care Driscoll’s has in each step of the berry’s farming, growing, and selling processes.

Other elements to consider are the seed-shaped holes all over the packaging to allow for ventilation and freshness.

Strawberry design

Final strawberry package design 1Final strawberry package design 2Final strawberry package design 3

Raspberry design

Final raspberry package design 1Final raspberry package design 2Final raspberry package design 3

Blackberry design

Final blackberry package design 1Final blackberry package design 2Final blackberry package design 3

Blueberry design

Final blueberry package design 1Final blueberry package design 2Final blueberry package design 3

Dieline & artwork

Final strawberry die-line and artwork before printFinal raspberry die-line and artwork before printFinal blackberry die-line and artwork before printFinal blueberry die-line and artwork before printFinal sleeve and sticker die-line and artwork before print