Cultivating ideas

All great design starts with ideas! Developing these ideas using moodboards, mind maps, and lots of research was essential in the production of this brand. After a lengthy discussion with the business owner, studying the competition, and getting into the minds of the brand's target audience, the first sketches were flushed out for revision.

Moodboard for New Moon Yoga's new brand
Research paper mockup for New Moon Yoga

The process

Sketch. Sketch. Sketch! The initial sketches produced were 30+ very different logo concepts that, based on the research and goals of New Moon, were made using all the essential focuses of the business. From there, the best 5 options were expanded into another 30+ and repeated over again until the 2 best options were chosen.

The sketches were then digitized using Adobe Illustrator, each with their unique colour schemes. They were again flushed out until the wordmark and colour set were decided on.

Finally, the client decided on the final version, which was made into a brand with a branding guide made in Adobe InDesign, stationary made in Adobe Illustrator, and promotional item mockups made in Adobe Photoshop!

Sketch of logo ideas 1Sketch of logo ideas 2Digital render ideas for logo concept 1Digital render ideas for logo concept 2Digital render for final logo concept 1Digital render for final logo concept 1

Final thoughts

The final version chosen was a concept that really focuses on the Zen, calming aspects of yoga.

The colours are soft and welcoming, using green for growth, and blue for relaxation.

The design itself was inspired by the tree of life symbol, but instead making the tree the yogi with leaves coming off the branches of the body. This represents the growth of the yogi as they practice yoga. The new moon is also incorporated into the logo with the circle and sliver of moon in the top-right. This brings together the name of the studio and the new beginnings that new moons represents. This is exactly what New Moon offers its clients... A new perspective on learning yoga and individual growth.

Final logo on paper mockupColour logo horizontalColour logo vertical

Branding guide

Branding guide final front and back coversBranding guide insideBranding guide inside 2Branding guide inside centre


Stationary package image

Promotional items

Website homepage mockup Yoga mat with logo mockupT-shirt with logo mockup
Water bottle with logo and business card mockup
Logo on mask mockup