Cultivating ideas

The design ideas that were produced embodied a very professional, modern look and feel. We wanted to move away from the old look that didn’t give this brand the right identity. Inspiration for these new ideas include some marketing websites like Crafted NY and Tangent UK, which effectively represent their agencies in a clear, concise, and professional way. We examined all the potential routes to go after deciding on a vision and ran with it!

Sword marketing moodboard
Image of old logo and website for Sword Marketing

The process

After deciding on a clear plan of action for the brand we sketched out our wireframes for the website and logo as shown here. These were flushed out until the best option was agreed upon.

Next step was to digitize the wireframes for the website using Figma, and the logo using Adobe Illustrator. These wireframes were basic skeletons of where we would be going next... the high fidelity prototypes also done in Figma. These prototypes showed the website as how it would look in a live web browser.

After this, the process to develop this website in Webflow was started! This was a long process that, in the end, produced an incredible piece that was a joy to do.

Website wireframe sketchesLogo idea sketchesFigma wireframes
Digital logo ideas 1Digital logo ideas 2Digital logo with wordmark ideas

Final thoughts

The new design emulates confidence and professionalism. A black and white theme keeps it straight to the point and allows the content itself to stand out and steal the show.

All typography is a sans-serif font named Korolev. This is the same font as the logo wordmark to keep with a geometric, simple theme that effectively reflects the brand.

This website design features a single homepage with parallax scrolling, animated images, and smooth interactions developed in Webflow. This allows a generally hard-to-follow subject, like promoting marketing funnels, to be interesting and engaging for the user.

The final Weblow homepage staging site can be found HERE.

Final black logo on paper mockupFinal colour logo on paper mockupFinal reverse logo on paper mockupFinal business card front and back mockup


Final Firgma website prototype
Website on mobile mockupFinal website on tablet mockup
Final website on multiple viewports mockup